Military Order Of The Loyal Legion Of The United States

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For General Information

Paul Lader, [email protected]

For Information by Commanderies:

California: Tad Campbell, [email protected]
Connecticut: Kenneth Roach, [email protected]
District of Columbia: John Moore, [email protected]
Florida: James Ward, [email protected]
Illinois: Donald Sherman, [email protected]
Indiana: Jeff Lilly, [email protected]
Iowa: Douglas Slauson, [email protected]
Kansas/Missouri/Nebraska: Sumner Hunnewell, [email protected]
Kentucky: Timothy H. Downey, [email protected]
Massachusetts: David Whittemore, [email protected]
Michigan: Paul Davis, [email protected]
New York: Ryan B. Weddle, [email protected]
Ohio: Gordon Bury, [email protected]
Pennsylvania: Tench Forbes, [email protected]
Rhode Island: John Duchesneau, [email protected]
Texas: John Schneider, [email protected]
Virginia: Sean Heuvel, [email protected]                                
Wisconsin: Murray (Chip) Beckford, [email protected]