Military Order Of The Loyal Legion Of The United States

CIC Welcome Page

Robert Pollock
Past Commander-In-Chief

As General Douglas MacArthur was quoted as saying, “The Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the U.S. is noblest of all American Orders”. Founded on the day President Lincoln died, MOLLUS continues today made up of the direct descendants of officers of the Union Army, Navy and Marine Corps of the Civil War. We are organized as a Commandery-in-Chief and twenty state Commanderies stretching coast-to-coast.  As the current Commander-in-Chief, I follow in the footsteps of some of the finest officers of the Civil War and thereafter. Our 63 Commanders-in-Chief have included 26 generals and admirals. The early Commanders-in-Chief included such famous names from the Civil War as: Sheridan, Hancock, Hayes, Cadwalader, Fairchild, Almy, Gibbon, Schofield, Gregg, Dodge and Melville.

As the oldest Civil War veterans organization, we continue to work to preserve the work and memories of those responsible for adding to the greatness of our beloved country. We welcome new members into our hereditary society who strive to glorify the lives of their ancestors who fought so bravely and in many cases, gave “the last full measure of devotion”.  Our society also admits associate members who have an interest in Civil War history and those who fought to preserve our Union.

Commandery-in-Chief Elected Officers for the Term 2023-2025


Commander-in-Chief: Michael T. Bates, Esq. (DC)
Senior Vice-Commander-in-Chief: Paul T. Davis (MI)
Junior Vice-Commander-in-Chief: William F. Forbes (PA)
Recorder-in-Chief: Gary Lee Grove, Ph.D. (PA)
Treasurer-in-Chief: Lee Allan Tryon (CT)
Registrar-in-Chief: Jefferson D. Lilly, II (IN )
Chancellor-in-Chief: Linn W. Malaznik (CA)
Judge Advocate-in-Chief: Matthew D. Dupee. Esq. (PA)
Chaplain-in-Chief: Jeffry C. Burden. Esq. (VA)
Surgeon-in-Chief: Peter B. Kane, M.D. (PA)

Council in Chief:
Tad David Campbell (CA)
Adam Gaines (MI)
Sumner G. Hunnewell, Jr. (MO)
Dr. Charles W. Lentz (PA)
John D. Moore (DC)
John S. Moore (VA)