Section 5. Effective November 1, 1989, life membership shall be made available only through the Commandery-in-Chief.

  1. The fee for life membership shall be determined by vote of the Commanderies, each Commandery having one vote.
  2. Payment received for life membership will be held either in the general operating account of the Commandery-in-Chief, or in a separate “Life Membership Account,” at the discretion of the Commandery-in-Chief.
  3. Each Commandery will be eligible to receive a per capita distribution for each existing life member, aged eighteen (18) and over, from the Commandery-in-Chief’s general operating account (or Life Membership Account, as the case may be) after receipt of a Commandery’s annual assessment and report. The Budget and Finance Committee will make a recommendation annually to the Commandery-in-Chief on what constitutes a prudent and appropriate amount. The Commandery-in-Chief will then decide what per capita amount is prudent and appropriate to be paid in that year, if any.
  4. If the life member’s Commandery becomes inactive, the life member must elect to join an existing Commandery. Failing such an election, the Commander-in-Chief shall assign the life member to an active Commandery.


A Senior Life Companion National Life Membership for an Hereditary or Associate Companion age 18 or older is $500.00.  Checks accompanying the request to become a National Life Member are to be made payable to MOLLUS, Commandery-in-Chief and are to be sent to Lee Allan Tryon, Treasurer-in-Chief, MOLLUS at 4 Raven Circle, Avon, CT 06001-3317, along with the member’s Date of Birth, Insignia #, e-mail address and home address.  Upon receipt, the National Officers and Commandery shall be notified of the Life Members’ status.

Junior Life Membership is available to Hereditary Companion at a fee based on the age of the individual at the time of application, payment.  At age 18, the Junior Life Companion will become a Senior Life Member.


0-2 $    100.00
2-3 $    105.00
3-4 $    115.00
4-5 $    128.00
5-6 $    141.00
6-7 $    155.00
7-8 $    171.00
8-9 $    189.00
9-10 $    208.00
10-11 $    229.00
11-12 $    253.00
12-13 $    279.00
13-14 $    307.00
14-15 $    329.00
15-16 $    373.00
16-17 $    412.00
17-18 $    459.00

$    500.00